Protesters call for ending US alliance with Saudi Arabia over imminent executions

The government of Saudi Arabia has sentenced Ali-Mohammed al-Nimr to death by beheading followed by crucifixion of his body for participationg in anti-regime protests in 2012 at the age of 17. Six other young men face similar sentences. All of al-Nimr’s appeals have been exhausted. Around the world, protesters mobilized at Saudi embassies. One of these protests began at the Saudi Embassy here in DC and marched to the White House. Activists called out Saudi Arabia not only for the planned executions but also as the driving force behind ISIS/Daesh and for genocide against the people of Yemen

The two main demands of the protest were the cancellation of the planned beheading/crucifixions of al-Nimr and others who protested the regime in 2012, Two members of Code Pink spoke at the rally, adding their voices to those calling for an end to the US alliance with Saudi Arabia.This would be most effective if the cutoff of US military aid and trade included a boycott of Saudi Arabia’s “blood oil.”

The government of Saudi Arabia is a Wahabbi theocracy blended with absolute monarchy. ISIS/Daesh has exactly the same religious beliefs as the Wahabbi side of the Saudi government. One of the signs carried by protesters called out Saudi Arabia protrayed Saudi Arabia as a snake charmer calling the ISIS snake to rise and gun down innocent people, another protrayed the Saudis as the gas pump of ISIS. Saudi Arabia would have no money without the oil trade, implying that a global oil embargo might punish not only Saudi Arabia but ISIS/Daesh as well.

In addition to the marches and rallies, Anonymous is attacking Saudi Arabia’s online assets as this is posted. Executing teenage protesters and mutiliating their bodies is considered an act of war by many activists, so Anonymous is retaliating they way they know best. On a global basis, all governments need to understand that if they murder social activists of any kind, they will answer to those who stand behind their victims and they won’t like the consequences. If al-Nimr is beheaded, Saudi Arabia will pay, just as Assad did when his police gunned down peaceful protesters. That incident touched off years of civil war and give what used to be al-Qaeda in Iraq the opening they needed to become Daesh and occupy so much land in two countries.

Breaking:The 13th of November was a bloody day both for ISIS/Daesh and the people of the world. First, Kurdish fighters were able to take a strategic town severing ISIS’s supply lines between Raquaa and Mosul. Next, the US is claiming to have killed Daesh executioner “Jihadi John” who like the Saudis was notorious for beheadings. Later in the day, terrorists shot up and bombed multiple sites in Paris, France, killing at least 60 people as of 5:30PM EDT reports.

News outlets are speculating that Daesh foreign fighters returning to Europe from Syria and Iraq are to blame. Needless to say, if George W Bush had not invaded Iraq there would have been no Daesh and thus this almost certainly would not have happened. If Saudi Arabia did not fund Daesh or did not have US oil money to do so with, perhaps there would have been no resources to recruit, transport, and train these foreign fighters in the first place.

Video of the march and a Code Pink speaker

Saudi Arabia not only beheads people like ISIS/Daesh, these protesters say they are Daesh’s gas pump

The march arrives at the White House to demand an end to the US alliance with Saudi Arabia

Rallying at the White House

Saudi Arabia as a snake charmer summoning Daesh

Protesters at the Saudi Embassy-cropped from a photo posted by shumail_z to Twitter


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