Palestine supporters jeer Netanyahu’s motorcade at Center for American Progress

On the 10th of November, Israel’s extremist Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at the Center for American Progress. His motorcade had to pass jeering protesters on the far side of the street. Not only that, as his motorcade was being planned the protesters were on the near side of the street. Had the protesters refused to move the motorcade-and the speech-would have had to wait. Until protesters actually did move the outcome of this was unknown to police.No head of state likes to run a gauntlet of jeering protesters.

One of the protesters read out the number of Palestinian children killed in Benjamin Netanyahu’s wars against Palestine. In the most recent war alone against Gaza more than 500 Palestinian children were killed. The “Center for American Progress” is a Democratic Party think tank aligned with the Hillary Clinton wing of that party. Back in 2005 they won infamy with a public debate around their proposal to bring back the draft. That proposal died after an activist speaker warned that conscription would be resisted by force and would “open a new insurgent front inside the United States.” The center for American Progress supports such things and hosts war criminals, yet has the nerve to call themselves “progressive.” One of the protesters against Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech called the center a “stink tank” as opposed to a think tank.

Perhaps Netanyahu’s appearance at events hosted both by the CAP and by the American Enterprise Institute (the CAP’s GOP counterpart) indicated the bipartisan hold AIPAC has long held over elements of the US Congress and both parties. Netanyahu is here to demand a 50% increase in US military aid according to one report cited by the protesters. Without that military aid Israel would be unable ton continue waging offensive wars and would be forced to make peace.

Video-protesters jeer the motorcade

Jeering Netanyahu’s motorcade

Protesters up close to the Center for American “Progress” before the motorcade got close and cops demanded they cross the street or face arrest.

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