Anacostia Marches on 7D police station against DC Mayor’s crime Bill

On the 20th of October, Anacostia residents and anti-racist activists marched against Mayor Bowser’s crime bill. The march started at the Congress Heights Metro station and ended with a street blockade in front of the 7D police station. Mayor Bowser wants to give cops more power to search people’s homes and obtain GPS records on almost anyone under court “supervision,” essentially legalizing Stop and Frisk for anyone who has already been arrested at least once-and anyone sharing their home.

One speaker at the march warned everyone “they don’t gotta shoot us to kill us, they can just take your homes.” Gentrification and police brutality go hand in hand. In fact, passing a crime bill that will force families to turn away members released from jail or prison on parole might be an effective way to destabilize entire neighborhoods and clear the way for more condo development later.

Update 10-22:Wash Post calls crime bill “dead on arrival.” City council hearing next day disrupted, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Kenyan R. McDuffie cited the huge number of opponents to support his previous inclination to block the bill over legal concerns. Probably this bill has been stopped ,but this is not certain until it’s all the way dead.

Video set to music, compiled from Twitter/Vine clips by Taylor Griffin and ActivismTech

Marching on 7D-Photo by Party for Socialism and Liberation

Shutting down intersection in front of MPD’s 7D police station-photo by ANSWER

Queer Asian Solidarity east of the river: K. Travis Ballie photo

Photo by Chuck Modi


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