Human rights activists protest Saudi bombing of Yemen and planned execution of young protester

On the 30th of September, about 20 people protested outside the Embassy of Saudi Arabia against both the airstrike that killed 38 people at a wedding party and the planned execution and postmortem crucifixion of 21 year old Ali al-Nimr. The Embassy was holding a massive party inside for Saudi National Day. As protesters began to talk to the partygoers, the Embassy turned the music up all the way in an effort to drown out protesters and block this interaction. Unable to arrest and behead protesters in the US, they were reduced to using music to fight protesters.

Ali al-Nimr was arrested for using a cell phone to encourage people to attend a democracy rally, then attending the rally
himself at age 17 during the Arab Spring. He was tortured in a juvenile detention facility to force a confession to false charges and is at risk or execution by beheading at any time. Afterwards his mutiliated body it to be displayed for three days on a cross as a warning to all others not to dare dissent against this absolute monarchy.

Human rights groups are asking the United States to stop supporting the tyrannical monarchy in Saudi Arabia, which differs little from ISIS/Daesh in their approach to human rights. There is even a “like father, like son” cartoon online showing a Saudi father and ISIS son each with a sword preparing to behead a prisoner.

Perhaps what the Saudi Embassy would understand best might be a Critical Mass bike ride with signs and flags calling for a global boycott of Saudi Arabia’s oil?


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