No New Animal Lab protests Skanska office in Rosslyn

The University of Washington has employed the multinational construction firm Skanska to build an underground vivisection laboratory for them. Underground it will be out of sight and armored against attack. The global No New Animal Lab campaign is mounting a pressure campaign to force Skanska to drop their contract and halt contruction of this torture chamber. On September 9, they showed up in front of Skanska’s offices in Rosslyn, Virginia with signs and bullhorns for a noisy and graphic protest.

This is an energetic, broad-based campaign mounted by organizers well aware that the vast majority of the public abhors the primate “research” and other animal torture carried out in the existing animal labs at University of Washington and so many other places. The energy of this new campaign is much like the early days of campaigning in DC against Huntingdon Life Sciences. No university had resources anywhere near what HLS had before the SHAC campaign nearly closed them down. HLS is now $120 million in debt and very likely to go bankrupt with or without any further action against them. They were once the largest vivisector on the planet, now they are a crippled, deeply indebted corporation traded nowhere and unlikely ever to recover. Without repeated aid from the US and UK governments HLS would have been shut down on a half dozen occasions. No way can the University of Washington’s vivsection program survive this kind of campaign, and no way can Skanska afford to put up with this kind of pressure for one tiny contract out of their huge portfolio.No New Animal Lab can and will stop this project.

Video highlights of the Skanska office demo


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