Code Pink protests Cheney’s AEI speech against iran nuclear treaty

On the 8th of September, former Vice President Cheney spoke at the American Enterprise Institute(AEI) calling for sabotaging and blocking Obama’s nuclear treaty with Iran. Code Pink showed up outside, denouncing Cheney as “wrong in Iraq, wrong in Iran.” Several speakers noted that ISIS/Daesh would not exist if the US had not invaded Iraq, and Cheney played a large role in causing that invasion. One activist was dressed as Cheney in old style prison stripes, emphasizing Code Pink’s call for criminal chargeds against Cheney for war crimes and for torture.Another managed to get inside with a banner and was escorted out as Cheney’s supporters howled.

One of Cheney’s fans inside AEI became rather violent in a failed attempt to steal the banner from the activist who got inside. That whole scene was rather rough. It should be remembered that AEI was the author of “project for a New American Century” back in the late 1990’s. This proposal called for aggressive US foreign policy-and postulated that “another Pearl Harbor” would be needed to bring it about. Interesting remarks considering they got their wish after Sep 11, 2001. Only thing is, the Iraq War didn’t go as they planned. Now the “export of democracy and markets” idea is in ruins while millions flee Syria and religious extremists chop off heads. AEI and Cheney were wrong on Iraq, so it stands to reason they should be presumed wrong on Iran too.

Video-Code Pink protests both inside and outside Cheney’s warmongering speech

“Cheney” in prison stripes in front of “American Empire Incorporated”

This banner was displayed inside AEI as Cheney spoke. Some of the GOP/AIPAC supporters inside were extremely pissed

The confrontation inside AEI over Cheney’s speech


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