Protesters march in Baltimore as cops who killed Freddie Gray get 1st court date

On the 2nd of September, the six killer cops responsible for the death of Freddie Grey faced a courtroom for their first hearing. Their defense motions to throw out the charges entirely was rejected, but the court severed the cases from each other. Thus there will be six separate cases, none hearing ALL of the evidence. This reduced the odds of convicting any of these murderers. Outside protesters marched and video has emerged of one of them being tackled and arrested by Baltimore’s worst. At 6;30PM, protesters returned to the courthouse for the weekly “West Wednesday” protest organized by the family of Tyrone West. Tyrone was beaten to death by Baltimore police after a traffic stop, and no charges were filed against the cops. All of these protests have been peaceful, yet cops glowered and stood ostentatously blocking exit routes.

Things were very tense during the day as the court considered the Freddie Gray killer cops’ cases. At one point a report went out of “heavy police presence” at Mondawmin Mall, a transit hub where students change buses to and from school. It was a police attack on these students that triggered heavy rioting on April 27,2015. On the streets protesters were menaced by annoucements over police sound systems and there was at least one violent arrest. The man tackled and arrested by cops was also reportedly hit by a car and menaced with a Taser. I do not know if he was arrested for being hit by the car(seen this happen in DC), hit by a police cruiser and then tackled, or something happened in between the video of him being tackled and the video of a Taser held to his neck. In that video there is a sound that could be either handcuffs being tightened or the Taser being fired, and immediately therafter police charge the crowd, some wielding clubs. In another incident three women were shoved by a Baltimore cop. At least one mass arrest bus was seen in the streets. In spite of all of this protesters managed to get into the streets, march, and at least one aerial view shows riot cops advancing on protesters who are controlling an intersection.

In the evening, someone from Baltimore Bloc counted 78 cops at the 6:30PM West Wednesday protest, despite 110 of these protests in a row with no violence and the West Family explictly rejecting it. West Wednesday protests have taken place at police stations, the Medical Examiner’s office, the courthouse, and elsewhere since Tyrone West was murdered by police in Summer 2013.

The West Wednesday protests are in a different place each week. Recently the locations have been closely held until the last minute due to threats made against the West family. This may be connected to FOX News 45 cutting a video last December of family members chanting “Don’t Stop till killer cops are in cell blocks” to change the words to “kill cops” and then broadcasting this spurious footage.

Video-Baltimore Bloc’s and Jessa’s clips of protester tackled,Taser held to his neck followed by police charge at crowd

Video-West Wednesday marches from courthouse to City Hall

Cops glower at a “West Wednesday” protest outside the Baltimore courthouse

Marching on City Hall from the West Wednesday protest in the evening

Margaret Flowers got this response to saying she is a doctor and the man cops tackled in the daytime protests might be hurt

Mass arrest bus near the daytime protest-Benjamin YoungSavage photo


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