Neighbors of Skanska VP get home visits from No New Animal Lab campaign

Stephen Skinner is Executive VP and General Managert of the building division of Skanska. Skanska is the construction company currently attempting to build a new underground primate vivisection lab at University of Washington. On the 1st of August, animal rights activists took time off from the Animal Rights 2015 convention to canvass Stephen Skinner’s neighbors. Fliers went out and neighbors who cared were asked to sign letters requesting that Mr Skinner use his position to halt construction of the underground monkey torture dungeon now being built at Univerity of Washington.

Video-activists near Stephen Skinner’s home

Entering Stephen Skinner’s street

Deputy’s car waiting to the left of Stephen Skinner’s house. The Sheriff’s deputy inside warned activists not to canvass either Stephen’s home or that of one neighbor with a “no soliciting” sign posted.


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