Video: Greece explodes after bailout deal repudiates vote

Early on the 16th of July, the Greek Parliament voted to accept even more extreme austerity than the measures voted down by a supermajority in the July 5 referendum. The previous day and well into the night protesters in the streets to defend the NO vote, responding to police tear gas grenades with Molotov cocktails.

Inspirational Greek Solidarity video

Video includes Luke Rodalski’s close up battle footage, other Greek protest footage with Molotov cocktail hits, stock footage from WWII plus stock footage from two DC protests against the IMF and World Bank in Fall 2007 and Fall 2010. Just before the “October Rebellion”(IMF Fall 2007) clip showing what a solid line of protesters with shields looks like is a clip from the movie 300 showing Greek hoplites with their shields. The final clip is the raising of a “Red and Black bloc” banner showing Greek hoplites in armor by Australian soccer fans. Although the banner was not used in Greece the image of Greek hoplites in armor vowing “no retreat, no surrender” is appropriate to the desperate fighting now going on to defeat the latest round of IMF and Euro zone austerity demanded of the Greek people.


The IMF and German banks are furious with the Greek people over two missed payments to the IMF, no matter how bad the Greek economy. Now they are demanding even worse terms, and as the Syriza Party played the role Neville Chamberlain played in 1938, someone in Greece publicly declared “German Tanks, German Banks over Twitter. WWII imagery has been increasingly showing up in Greece, and Business Insider is speculating that another civil war in Greece could be coming. All of this not long after a photo of German Finance Minister Merkel with a shadow from Israeli PM Nehtanyahu’s finger giving her a Hitler mustache circulated all over Europe. The new demands are believed by many to be a punishment for the people of Greece and an lesson to anyone else who dares to stand up to the Euro Zone, the IMF, and the bankers. The demands for privatization of Greek assets, Sunday work, and raising the retirement age are economic terrorism, the banker’s version of the infamous Stuka dive bomber.


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