War protests-and a TPP protest-all over DC

he 19th of March marked the 12th anniversary of the first day of George W Bush’s invasion. The day the war began, protesters in DC blocked Key Bridge in a combined foot-bike operation. There have been protests on that day most years since, and 2015 was no exception. With war and dirty trade deals again leading threats, protests popped up all over DC. One of them,the “Spring Rising” bus tour of warmongers, ran into significant police harassment at the Pentagon.

The Pentagon’s “Pentagon Memorial” was visited by antiwar activists on a bus tour of DC area warmongers. The bus was surrounded by cops in the Pentagon parking lot while other tour busses were permitted to pass. Finally, activists were permittted off the bus to visit the Pentagon 9-11 memorial, where a relative of one of those killed that day spoke out against the wars that have followed.

The police problems and resulting delays forced the bus tour to scrap visits to the Department of Energy, the Carlsyle Group, the IMF and World Bank, and General Atomics, maker of Predator drones. The bus still managed to deliver protesters to FBI headquarters and the “Dept of Injustice,” followed by visits to AIPAC and finally the White House.

Earlier, Code Pink entired the offices of Sen’s McCain and Corker for some “spring cleaning” of “war scum.”

Also on the Hill, Popular Resistance activists wore blue vests for a “flood Congress” protest against fast-track authority for the proposed TPP or Trans-Pacific-Partnership trade deal. Dirty, pro-corporate trade deals, like the idea of sending US troops to Iraq, were not tolerated in 2002 and won’t be accepted without an all-out fight in 2015 either.

Video-interview with a participant about the harassment of the bus by Pentagon Police

Video of Spring Rising at AIPAC’s supposedly secret DC headquarters

Spring Rising at AIPAC

Spring Rising at the FBI

Spring Rising at the White House

In the halls of Congress: photo by Code Pink

Scrubbing war scum from Sen McCain’s office-photo by Code Pink

Flooding Congress against TPP fast-track: Photo by Eleanor Goldfield, artkillingapathy.com

One of the vests worn at the Flood Congress TPP protest: photo by Eleanor Goldfield, artkillingapathy.com


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