Muslims, DC Ferguson protest hypocritical “countering violent extremism” summit

On the 18th of February, Obama began his “countering violent extremism” summit, which is mostly an event to coordinate police efforts to spy on and infiltrate Muslim communities. Outside, both Muslims and DC Ferguson activists called out this event for hypocrisy. The US itself was called out for the drone strikes used for extra-judicial executions throughout the Muslim world. This was compared to the routine and never punished street executions of African-Americans by killer cops, often by jump-outs in DC. Lastly everyone was reminded that the profile of almost every terrorist in the US has been an angry, armed white male. This includes last week’s murder of three Muslims by a terrorist in North Carolina. No doubt Obama’s summit will pay little attention to the ongoing drumbeat of mass murders by angry white men in the US.

Protesters also reminded everyone that police offensives against the Muslim community use the tactics of Coointelpro. The Patriot Act was pointed to as a reminder that what is done today against Muslims legalizes what was done yesterday and will be done tomorrow to African Americans. There has also been a considerable use of the same “sting operation” tactics the FBI uses against Muslims against pro-Earth and animal rights activists. Earlier this year Eric McDavid was released from prison after an appeal court found the testimony of FBI informent “Anna” to not be credible and her tactics to be unacceptable. She went so far as to fake a romantic relationship with Eric while pushing everyone she recruited to take up production and use of IED’s. This same tactic is used every day by the FBI in an effort to railroad as many young Muslim men into prison as possible and is one of the same tactics used in the “war on drugs” by undercover cops.

In short, this “countering violent extremism” is a far bigger threat to Palestinian activsts and mainstream US Muslims than it ever will be to ISIS/Daesh, and a bigger threat to African-American organizers than Daesh ever will be as well. Considering how little striking power both Daesh and al-Qaeda have demonstrated in the US post 9-11, it seems to me this summit is also far more dangerous to antiwar, pro-Earth, and animal rights activists than it ever will be to Daesh.

Selected video highlights of the protest

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