Native Americans protest at White House demanding veto of Keystone XL bill

On Wednesday, the 7th of January, the Senate will hold a hearing on the GOP’s bill to push through the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The bill is expected to pass and be on Obama’s desk by Friday, Jan 9. On Jan 3, Native Americans and their allies protested in front of the White House demanding that Obama veto this bill. In so doing he would be vetoing further theft and destruction of Native lands for the pipeline and vetoing the poisoning of water millions depend on.

Pipelines new or old carrying corrosive “dilbit” or diluted tar from the Alberta Tar Sands are notorious for breaking and leaking. Most people know oil as something you can put on steel to keep it from rusting, this “oil” does the opposite. Pipeline after pipeline carrying this corrosive sludge has broken.

Video highlights of the protest


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