Civil rights protesters storm H St Wal-Mart, shut down registers

On the 14th of December, civil rights protesters stormed into the Wal-Mart on H st for the 4th time. This time they stood their ground, and soon the cash registers were shut down. Some of the shoppers joined the protest. One of the cops or security guards claimed protesters would be arrested after ONE warning, not the three required by DC law. After a tense ten minutes and call by protesters for reinforcements, the activists exited the store and no arrests were reported.

This is the same Wal-Mart where security guards locked protesters in the store on Dec 4, an action that nearly got the door battered down from the inside. As always, the only looting in the store was by Wal-Mart management, a severe and ongoing issue. This looting was shut down when the registers were closed due to protesters occupying the store.

There is a report that workers were sent home because of the protest, I don’t know how long the store remained closed as a result of this protest.

Video of Wal-Mart occupation raw clips courtesy Netta and DeRay McKessa

Erica Totten photo

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