Eric Garner/Ferguson march blockades K st, Dupont, Adams-Morgan

On the 3ed of December, a New York grand jury refused to indict the cop responsible for the chokehold death of Eric Garner. In response, protesters here in DC as well as in NY took to the streets. In DC, protesters blocked up intersections at K st, all the entrances to Dupont Circle, and finally marched into and blocked up Adams-Morgan. At Dupont they were joined by protesters against the murder of 43 students by Mexican police allied with drug cartels.

There were a few tense incidents with white motorists who made borderline racist remarks or tried to push through the barricades. I had to personally help hold the line against one SUV driver who jumped the curb between the inner and outer circles at Dupont and attempted to lead several vehicles behind him to a weak spot in the line of protesters. Hurried reinforcements held the line, had those SUVs forced their way out it could have started an all-out charge at the protesters by those motorists who support police attacks on those they hate. Most of the aggression is coming from drivers of very expensive vehicles.

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