DC Ferguson marchers take over streets, storm Wal-Mart

On the 25th of November, thousands took to the streets for the second night of DC Ferguson protests responding the the grand jury’s refusal to indict killer cop Darren Wilson. The protest took over the streets and blocked the intersection of NY Ave and 395 before marching south-and storming the Wal-Mart on H st. The only looting was the usual looting by Wal-Mart’s bosses, stealing from their associates with their law wages and terrible working conditions. Protesters made it plain they were after management, not the associates actually working late to put food on their family tables.

Wal-Mart is known to have donated $10,000 to killer cop Darren Wilson’s legal defense fund, so on Nov 25 DC Ferguson marchers “indicted” Wal-Mart for obstructing justice by storming the 1st and H st store!

After delivering this message to Wal-Mart, protesters left the building and returned to the streets. The march now proceeded to Chinatown and blocked off 7th st. While there, marchers were asked to return to the same Wal-Mart to support striking associates on Black Friday. The assembly time and place are 8AM Friday, Nov 28 at Union Station. From there a march will depart for the Wal-Mart on H st. Black Friday in general has been declared by activists to be a target for Ferguson-related protests, with some calling for “no business as usual” in wake of the grand jury’s refusal to even demand that killer cop Darren Wilson stand trial for Michael Brown’s death,

Eventually the main march dispersed from Chinatown, but a smaller march went to the White House from there. Shortly after arrival, the White House security lights came on, something I have not seen since an Occupy protest went there in Jan 2012 and the Secret Service claimed something was thrown over the fence. This time around, a line of cops stood between the main White House fence and the second “protest pen” style fence that now stands in front of it. I did not see any police aggression against the protesters however, here or anywhere else in DC on the night of Nov 25

Video:DC Ferguson storms H st Wal-Mart

Blocking NY Ave and 395 intersection

Inside the Wal-Mart at 1st and H sts NW

DC Ferguson in Chinatown

Protesters outside the White House just after the security lights came on

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