Lockdowns at FERC and in Calvert County against fracking, gas export

On the 3ed of November, climate and anti-fracking activists blockaded all entrances to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC. Over a dozen were arrested. Some of the arrests were nasty and two without legally required warning. Meanwhile, Kelly Caravan of MD locked down to a crucial piece of construction equipment in Solomons, MD, halting work on a pier needed for the Cove Point gas export facility. Fifteen more actiivsts were arrested at another gas infrastructure blockade at Seneca Lake, NY.

Kelly Caravan faces 10 misdemeanor charges in MD for the Solomons lockdown. While I do not know if construction has resumed there for today, a pattern I saw at the Wal-Mart construction protests here in DC was that the workers got sent home and thus could not easily be called back after blockades were broken.

Video:FERC blockades and rough/no warning arrests

Lockbox blockade of the back entrance to FERC

The second of three blockades of FERC’s driveway. These blockades turned away many cars

A FERC employee stepping over blockaders with police assistance. Many of these incidents got a bit rough as cops got nasty in failed attempts to push blockaders back

FERC’s front door under siege by anti-fracking, pro-climate activists

When other blockades were cleared, a blockade of 1st street was set up to repel FERC employees arriving by car

Shutting down construction at Solomons to stop a barge pier from being built for gas export equipment bound for the Cove Point fracked gas export project. Construction just started and already they have problems!


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