Climate Marchers march on Democrat headquarters, vow to obstruct pro-fossil fuel candidates

Hours after blockading the headquarters of FERC, activists from the Great Climate March and their supporters marched on the national headquarters of the Democratic Party. Marchers warned that candidates who accept fossil fuel industry “donations” and support their positions would not only not get their votes but instead find activists “getting in their way.” This is a direct threat to obstruct and oppose compaigns for President or other office by Hillary Clinton, Martin O’ Malley, or anyone else who does the bidding of the fracking, tar sands, and mountaintop removal coal industries.

In the case of O’Malley, this is because of the support he has given Dominion Resources for their fracked gas export project at Cove Point, MD in Calvert County.

Video of the march on Democratic Party headquarters featuring the threat to “get in the way” of runs for office by Hillary Clinton or other pro-fossil fuel candidates

Hillery Clinton and MD Gov Martin O’Malley star on this banner with other pro-fracking, fossil fuel fiunded Democratic politicians


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