Protesters march around World Bank after Civil Society walkout

On the 11th of October, opponents of the World Bank’s roles as a global loan shark to predatory governments and corporations rallied in Murrow Park and marched all the way around the Fall meetings. This came after civil society groups from Ethiopia walked out of a meeting with the World Bank due to their reversal on a promise to strengthen environmental protections . Ethiopian groups also condemned the funding of dictatorship in their country, and other groups condemned loans to nations that execute or persecute GLBT people, loans for coal burning power plants that contaminate crops, and the rest of the toxic mix of predatory “development” programs the World Bank funds. “Scabby” the Rat was on display to showcase the World Bank’s total lack of protections for labor on their projects.

Protesters specifically called out World Bank president Dr Kim as a liar, protraying him with a Pinnochio nose that grows as he tells more lies. The previous day, a press release was issued by someone claiming to be the World Bank, saying the World Bank would abolish themselves as a necessary part of their claimed goal of abolishing poverty by 2030. Today the World Bank is disclaiming authorship of that press release. Activists said during the Oct 10 (Rev Billy) march on the World Bank that it appears that the World Bank and IMF intend to “abolish poverty” by ensuring that all poor people are killed or displaced.

Video of the march

Marching around the Fall meetings of the IMF and World Bank as the World Bank meets in their HQ

Scabby the Rat calls out labor abuses and lack of protections on World Bank funded projects

Some of the countries where governments or associated militias kills GLBT folks and still get World Bank money for their projects

World Bank president Dr Kim callled out as a liar, shown here with a Pinnochio nose that grows every time his lips move


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