Secret Service expels Code Pink, NK from Lafayette Park for Israeli PM’s visit

On the first of October, Code Pink and Neturi Kartaset up in Lafayette park to protest the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House, condemning him for murder and genocide. The response from Secret Service was to clear the park, even though they had already cleared the street for him to leave when it came time for his motorcade to depart.

The center of the park was originally open to the public, as is usual during state visits even from hated figures like Netanyahu. This time around, Secret Service decided while the protest was taking place to clear everyone but themselves (and one presumed undercover) from the park. Surely they would have cited the recent security scandals if asked, but Code Pink activists said they were certain this was instead in response to a direct request from Netanyahu to “get rid of them.” Oh well-at least they didn’t break Medea Benjamin’s arm like Israel’s allies in the Egyptian coup government did, nor saturate the park with a mixture of tear gas and “bad smell water” plus rubber bullets like Netanyahu’s own police do every Friday to protesters in the Occupied West Bank.

Video of the protest

Same video in HD quality on Liveleak

Code Pink, NK pulling back from the White House after repeated demands from Secret Service

It was this protest on the sidewalk opposite the White House (not even the street) that Code Pink speakers said they suspected of triggering a “request” from the Israeli PM to “get rid of those protesters”

This is how far back Code Pink was pushed


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