Hundreds arrested in immigrant civil disobediance at White House

On the 28th of August hundreds of immigrants and supporters organized by CASA de Maryland were arrested in front of the White House after marching there from the national headquarters of ICE, demanding that Obama end deportation of undocumented migrants by executive order.

SOA Watch submitted this report:

“¡Obama, escucha, estamos en la Lucha!” chanted hundreds of supporters marching from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) national headquarters to the White House urging President Obama to take action regarding our broken immigration system and allow every undocumented immigrant living in the U.S. to be allowed to stay without fear of deportation. The rally, organized by CASA de Maryland, was the largest act of civil disobedience- with hundreds of arrestees- in the history of the immigrant rights movement.

The recent flood of child refugees attempting to cross the border from Central America has drawn national attention although the root causes have not been acknowledged by either the Obama Administration or mainstream media. This “humanitarian crisis” has not been caused by the criminal nature of the people of Central America, irresponsible parenting, or the pursuit of the “American Dream” as many in the media like to portray. Children and their families are coming to the U.S. to survive and escape the devastating consequences of past and present U.S. foreign policy in the region.

Increased militarization under the pretext of the drug war has led to massive human rights violations, including illegal land grabs, and the persecution of indigenous and grassroots leaders, too often at the hands of the military and police funded and trained (many at the School of the Americas) under U.S. security programs. Join thousands of peace activists from all over the Hemisphere at the gates of Ft. Benning, Georgia for the 25th Anniversary SOA Watch Vigil on November 21-23, 2014 and demand an end to injustice, militarization and empire!

Video of the march from ICE and the civil disobediance at the White House

Marching from ICE to the White House (photo by SOA Watch)

In front of the White House (photo by SOA Watch)

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