Independent Journalist stopped and frisked at Gaza/Israeli Embassy protest

On Friday, the 11th of July. protesters gathered at the Embassy of Israel to demand and end to the raid of Israeli rockets and bombs on the Gaza Strip, The cops had protest pens set up, George W Bush Memorial Freedom Fence. One independent journalist was detained by Secret Service for standing on the sidewalk on the Israeli Embassy side of the street to shoot pictures.

Since he broke no laws, the SS was unable to arrest him and had to let him go, saying they would write it up as a “Stop and Frisk.” We are not suppsoed to HAVE “stop and frisk” in DC!

By the end of the rally, protesters had taken the street, the area cops initially ordered the journalist not to stand in, then tried to tackle him when he went to the sidewalk on their side. The Freedom Fence was a complete and utter failure.

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