Occupy the FCC has 5 tents up, pickets the FCC every noon and evening rush

Part of the “Occupy the FCC” net neutrality campaign has been daily noon and 5PM pickets in front of the FCC.

Downloadable/click to play in newer browsers HD 720P video

Downloadable/click to play in newer browsers 360P video

As of the 13th of May, I counted five tents set up at the FCC to shelter protesters when storms roll in. For once, Occupy activists have managed to set up someplace out of range of the Tasers of the US Park Police, while sticking to a more than deserving target. Also as of May 13, the head of the FCC is trying to backpedal on legalizing “paid prioritization” but his assurances that the big telephone and cable TV companies won’t be allowed to subtract bandwidth from those not making paid deals rings hollow. From an engineering standpoint, doing so is like adding a toll lane to 16th st without widening the road. The bandwidth has to come from somewhere, which could bring back the days of reading Indymedia on a dial-up style connection.

Videos posted here will not be streamable in the post net neutrality world, you will have to download them over an hour or so and then play them, just like you would have in 2001 on dial-up.


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