Code Pink, Mohamed Soltan’s brother lampoon Egyptian dictator at State Dept

On the 6th of May, Code Pink and Mohamed Soltan’s brother showed up at the US Department of State to demand that the US cut off financial and military aid to Egypt’s coup government.

Liveleak video of the State Department protest


At the vehicle barricades

At the vehicle barricades

Code Pink gets as close to the State Dept's front door as I have seen anyone get in a protest

Code Pink gets as close to the State Dept’s front door as I have seen anyone get in a protest

Mohamed Soltan has been on hunger strike for 100 days as of May 6, and has been in prison since being wounded by sniper fire last August while doing nothing more than translating what anti-coup protesters were saying for the news media. On the 6th of May, one of the Code Pink members showed up dressed as Egyptian coup general Sisi, whose name translates into English roughly as “small donkey.” Well, Code Pink made Mr Small Donkey look like quite an ass with a street theater piece protraying him as grovelling and dancing for US State Department money and Apache helicopter gunships. Speaking of those gunships, it shows the mentality of the current US government that counter-insurgency helicopters are named for people who were murdered and put into concentration camps in previous US genocides.

After the street theater ended. most of the protesters left the banners and such things that legally define a protest at the barricades and crossed the street, marching on the Visitor’s Entrance and bringing the spectacle of the General’s bloody hands probably as close to the actual main entrance of the State Department as I have ever seen someone get during a protest.

One thing Code Pink is very good at is closing in on their opposition, this has been true at least back to the 2004 GOP Convention where Code Pink speakers were able to get directly behind both Cheney and Bush and shout them down from maybe 15 feet away two nights in a row. It appears they have not lost their touch.


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