Hundreds march in Baltimore against proposed Cove Point LNG export terminal

On the 20th of February, hundreds of people from all over Maryland marched on the Baltimore offices of the MD Public Service Commission to demand a rejection of the proposed conversion of the old Cove Point LNG import terminal into an export facility for fracked gas

Video of the Baltimore march on PSC against Dominion’s Cove Point gas export proposal




One participant in the march estimated that 700 people were present. At the lead of the march was a white plastic inflatable pipeline just like the black plastic one seen at Keystone XL marches. This drives home the point that this gas export facility and the infratstructure to feed it would literally be MD’s Keystone XL in terms of climate consequences!

The proposed Cove Point export conversion would require a massive power plant to power the compressors in Calvert County and considerable “upgrades” to gas pipelines and compressor stations statewide. The proposed Myersville compressor station is intended to feed gas to Cove Point. Virginia-based Dominion Energy is behind both the Cove Point and the Myersville projects.

If the Cove Point project is built, global gas prices will apply in US markets, driving up home heating gas costs by about 30% but making fracked gas up to three times more valuble at the wellhead. This will trigger a nationwide fracking boom and surely end MD’s current moratorium on fracking. The majority of MD counties, including both PG and Montgomery County, have frackable gas basins beneath them.

This fracking would poison drinking water in places that use well water, and of course fracking wells leak gas. The amount of leaked gas from the additional fracking wells gas export would trigger would literally be “another Keystone” so far as climate is concerned.


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