TPP and GITMO protests at State of the Union Address

As darkness fell on the US Capitol, protesters marked the 5th anniversary of Obama’s promise to close GITMO in front of the US Capitol. As his motorcade drove to the Capitol, a second group of protesters held signs and a banner condemning the proposed TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade deal, which he supports.

Video of the TPP protest

The first protest was the MD Light Brigade and the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, setting up at about sunset to demand that Obama deliver on his now 5 year old promise to close down Guantanimo Bay.

The Close Gitmo vigil-photo by Ted Majdosz

The Close Gitmo vigil-photo by Ted Majdosz

The TPP protest was aimed at being seen by Obama himself, and a major motorcade did drive right past it after coming from the Constitution Ave direction. I cannot confirm whether that was Obama’s motorcade or the dummy motorcade. A second group of motorcade-style vehicles drove past minutes later, both groups entering the Capitol parking lot/grounds through the same driveway. There is a good chance Obama saw the banner condemning his TPP trade deal, assuming he did not simply turn away from the public.

The anti-TPP banner just before it was turned towards Constitution Ave

The anti-TPP banner just before it was turned towards Constitution Ave

Anti-TPP banner facing Obama's motorcade route-John Zangas photo

Anti-TPP banner facing Obama’s motorcade route-John Zangas photo

These two protests were the second and third State of the Union-related protests by progressive groups this year. The first was the noon protest against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Progressives are greatly disappointed with Obama and showing it. Words mean little with not back up with or outright contradicted by action.

In a related development, Obama effectively endorsed gas fracking during his State of the Union address

Full transcript of Obama’s State of the Union Speech courtesy LA Daily News


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