Chesapeake Earth First! invades tar sands law firm on day Keystone South supposed to start up

The 22nd of January was the day the Keystone XL tar sand pipeline’s southern leg was supposed to enter operation, bad welds and all. As part of a continent-wide wave of solidarity actions, Chesapeake Earth First! invaded the building used by McKenna, Long, and Aldridge, a law firm empolyed by TransCanada for lobbying.

Video of the protest inside McKenna, Long, and Aldridge’s building


UPDATE: It is being reported that the TransCanada was unable to start operations of the KXL Southern leg on Jan 22nd, they hope to fill it with dilbit in a week or two. This in spite of their press conference announcing the pipeline was operational today. Rumors are that multiple leaks resulted from first attempt to fill the pipeline.

Youtube video-pumping station at Hardin, TX falls silent on Jan 22

McKenna, Long, and Aldridge has their name on the outside of their building at the SW corner of 19th and Ks st NW, and one of their offices is on the first floor. Activists got into the building unopposed, and someone inside the office was barely able to shut the office door before actvists could get through that one as well.

For the next few minutes, Chesapeake Earth First! blocked the office door with the banner, then exited the building to pre-empt any attempt by security guards to lock them in. One security guard scrambled to beat them to the building door, only to be reminded by a backup activist outside to let them leave before trying to close the doors.

By the time cops could repond, the protesters were gone. At a November 2012 blockade and civil disobediance aimed at the same law firm, protesters warned they would be back.

McKenna, Long, and Aldridge is one of at least two law firms in DC taking substantial payments from TransCaanda for lobbying, another being Brian Cave LLP. Both have received protests before for their filthy tar sands lobbying and both should expect to receive further protests in the future.

Elsewhere on Turtle Island, a group called “Maine Trans and/or Women’s Action Team” locked down in a TD Bank office in Portland, Maine(not Oregon).

Youtube Video of Portland, Maine action

They chained themselves to the doors, shutting down the branch. TD Bank is the single largest commercial investor in TransCanada and is known as “Tar Dollar Bank” for this investment. Tar sands lawyers, lobbyists, and bankers should all expect to be held accountable when the poorly-welded Keystone South begins leaking tar sands oil.


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