Animal Rights activists protest Rock Creek deer killing, some hike into woods

On the 12th of January, animal rights actvists staged an all afternoon protest at the intersection of Military Road and Oregon Ave. Several protesters hiked the woods looking for any signs of bait piles or stands, but found nothing.

Video of the protest and from the woods



As this is written, word was that the killers probably don’t work on Sundays and are not likely to be out tonight, but activists are taking no chances. Nightly patrols of Rock Creek roads continue, so if the killers show up they will be found and protesters will be summomed back, tonight or any night they appear. (Update-no sign of the killers shortly before 8PM Sun, Jan 12)

In addition, there are reports that neighbors are engaging in a variety of creative strategies to interfere with the cull. Alternate feeding stations have been set up in backyards, an act legally no different than having a bird feeder. This gives deer alternatives to the corn piles set up by the killers. In addition, there are unconfirmed reports that people have been spotted in the woods with flashlights and noisemakers.

Certainly there are many access routes into the woods that bypass the checkpoints set up by the cops on the roads. I found several options on my own hike today, both for access and for good hiding places for those who prefer to enter in daylight and then belly up under space blankets (to defeat IR imaging devices) and then pop up when the killers show up.


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