Video: 2013 in activism

VIDEO 2013 in activism-a very busy year

A number of websites have noted a considerable increase in the tempo of demonstrations and social activism in the past year. I can confirm this to be the case, as there were so many actions in DC this year that this video could not be cut shorter than 20 minutes without cutting out important work done by many committed activists here.

Several themes recurred throughout the year: drones, Monsanto, and globalization related events were particularily common. There were two rounds of TTP talks (only the second detected and acted upon), one round of TTIP talks, two IMF/World Bank meetings, plus the Inauguration. Tar sands and gas fracking related protests, often intense one, occurred over and over as Indigenous groups throughout Turtle Island battled invading extractive industries and called for solidarity actions. One of these, the Mi’kmaq Nation, has suceeded in expelling gas frackers from their land. Also, with each passing year the chance that TranCanada will ever open the northern portion of the Keystone XL become more and more remote.


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