Activists storm USTR while TTIP trade negotiations take place inside

On the 16th of December, environmental, fair trade, and Occupy activists stormed the office of the United States Trade Representative. Inside, the 3ed round of Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks had just begun hours earlier.
Security guards were barely able to get protesters out of the building, in one case throwing an activist down the masonry steps in the vestibule.

Video of the action inside USTR during the TTIP talks

Inside USTR's lobby, getting LOUD

Inside USTR’s lobby, getting LOUD

Activist thrown down the steps on masonry-he could have been killed

Activist thrown down the steps on masonry

The cops were very slow to arrive, then showed up in a convoy of SUV’s. This was rather like the stereotype of pouring tomato ketchup. The cops were entirely too late to stop the storming, and all they could legally to was order protesters off the steps and back to the sidewalk.

The TTIP or TAFTA treaty text is being kept secret because as one of the related TPP (Pacific) negotiators said, the more people know about these treaties the more likely they are to block it. Already the release of one chapter of the TPP deal has led to a firestorm of opposition to both treaties. The NSA spying scandal has also endangered the hopes of the bullying US trade delegation for the TTIP Atlantic deal. as European countries not want to keep their electronic data inside their own borders and not send it to US data centers, an act the treaty text pushed by USTR surely prohibits.


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