Roaring crowd as Million Mask March swarms streets, confronts cops

The Million Mask March of Anonymous and Occupy activists was estimated by a Capitol Police radio all as 400 strong-after hours in the streets. A long list of targets was visited, and the Park Police were made to regret arresting one person outside the White House.

VIDEO:Anonymous wins morning skirmish with US Park Police over street and sidewalk in front of White House
VIDEO: marchers besiege, some enter Monsanto
VIDEO: no permit required for revolution! (10 sec clip)

A police line is taken down outside the White House

A police line is taken down outside the White House


Graffiti left behind after a roaring crowd banged on the doors of Monsanto until one yielded and some were able to get inside.

Graffiti left behind after a roaring crowd banged on the doors of Monsanto until one yielded and some were able to get inside.

Here is a rough sequence of events:

9:30AM: The march set out from the Washington Monument

10:10AM: The marchers took over the White House sidewalk and leaned on the fence. This morphed into a sit-in, and the usual Park Police response. This time it didn’t go as the Park Police expected.

11:30 AM: One person in the support crew was arrested after the first of many incidents where police lines came down. This infuriated the crowd, which retook Penn Ave and looked like any further provocation would bring about a charge at the cops. They did not release their prisoner, but conceded both Penn Ave and the White House sidewalk to Anonymous, yielding the overall victory to them. When Anonymous and Occupy marched away, the stormed directly through the Park Police staging area, taking down the rest of the police lines on that side.

NOON: The march now made a beeline to the US Capitol. There, the initial police lines of tape were taken down but defended steel barricades held. Two were arrested there, allegedly for jumping the barricades. After some decided to enter the US Capitol via the Visitor Center and its checkpoints, the march set back out.

Next up was the Dept of “Justice,” where the steel doors were shut in protesters faces and protesters beat on them with their fists.

The door beating was repeated at Monsanto, but this time around one of the revolving doors partially yielded and some of the protesters stormed the building. This yielded another furious situation as building security attempted to detain the protesters who got inside. After they managed to get back out, the march moved on again.

K Street was next in line,getting a slow march and intersection blockades. From K st the march turned south to the IMF and World Bank, blocking the intersection of 18th and H streets. From there they returned to the White House and were left alone.

The final act of the march stemmed from it’s curious makeup of many progressives but also salted with more than a few right-wing elements. After the second White House visits, one of the “End the Fed” types called a march to the Federal Reserve, long a target of Ron Paul supporters reviled for Ron Paul’s racism by most progessives. By that point the march was probably down to 100 people or so, possibly the right-wingers had better staying power. As they approached the Federal reserve, I broke away, not willing to add myself to an “End the Fed” event.

I spoke to some of the Anons who had right-wing backgrounds about Ron Paul’s racist newsletters, few knew anything about it. Next time Anonymous is in town for a big march, some “What’s wrong with Ron Paul” fliers might be able to educate more than a few people.

On the other hand, progressive elements were able to add Monsanto and the IMF/World Bank to the target list. The IMF/World Bank and especially Monsanto were attacked with vigor, and this was the first time I’ve seen Monsanto sucessfully entered in quite a while.

The energy of the march was a lot like early occupy, except that the sound of the crowd was more aggressive and intense. These folks sound like they are playing for keeps, with roaring crowds skirmishing with cops and WINNING, instead of half-hearted “moo-cow” chants like I hear entirely too often.


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