Canadian Embassy smudged in solidarity with Mi’kmaq Warrior Society

On the 2nd of November, Chesapeake Earth First! showed up at the Canadian Embassy to support the Mi’Kmaq Warrior Society and their blockade of SouthWest Energy’s attempts to frack gas on their land. A Lakota activist smudged the Embassy doorway and grounds with sage in the traditional manner.

VIDEO: Smudging the Canadian Embassy in solidarity with the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society




It took a while for Secret Service to arrive, and supposedly only one person, a security guard, was inside the Embassy. He refused to take a message from the protesters, but the security footage will show the Ambassador just how displeased many are with the brutality of the RCMP and the lawsuit filed by the gas frackers against First Nations warriors for defending their own land never ceded to Occupied Canada.

The Mi’kmaq Warrior Society has stood up to extremes of police brutality and racism by the RCMP or “Royal Canadian Mounted Police.” One warrior nearly lost a leg to internal bleeding after using his body to block a “rubber” bullet fired at a woman. One of the RCMP goons was heard to utter the words “fucking Natives,” his identity is being actively investigated by Anonymous.

Now on top of the police assaults comes word of lawsuits against Mi’kmaq Warrior Society members as individuals by a subsidiary of Texas based SouthWest Energy, seeking to recover over $650,000 in costs their gas frackers incurred because the extended blockades impounded their equipment in the storage yard. Much of the “evidence” used in the lawsuit is based on Facebook posts.

I see little likelihood of SWN ever collecting on these judgements even if they win. I also see retaliation by activists all over Turtle Island as a near certainty if any aggressive action is taken in an attempt to collect such a judgement. Hell, an injunction already failed, what makes SoutWest Energy or their subsidiary SWN think a lawsuit or a judgment will work for them?

Already SWN is whining about having a $380,000 drilling rig burned to scrap, and about direct action damage to geophones and trucks. Their lawsuit makes no claim of knowledge of who carried out these actions. In addtion, the blockade has prevented SWN from finishig exploration they hoped would be done last year-direct action gets the goods!

Lastly, what makes SWN think a SLAPP lawsuit won’t expose their equipment and/or that of other parts of SourthWest Energy at other, unrelated sites to attacks by activists and warriors living in those areas? It’s drawing protesters right now!


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