Racist “Mindweapon” reported to be following this site

Looks like our stories about the NPI convention have attracted a racist follower, who published stories with names like these:

VDARE.com article about immigration, welfare fraud, crime, and destroying the White tax base
White hating Jew bashes Richard Spencer and NPI conference; commenters bash back
The Face of Hate! Cue sinister music — Richard Spencer!

and a whole lot more racist hate against people of color.

We are not linking to ANY of these, but if these are Mindweapon’s posts, he must be a serious racist

That shows the poster to be a racist and an anti-semite. He should understand that NPI and other racist conventions have no place to run, no place to hide. Don’t think monitoring this website will protect KKK members and neo-Nazis from being countered by anti-fascist activists, as the sort of details that would require will never be published here.

Wherever racists go they will meet antifascist activists ready to call them out on their shit. They should expect more disruptions and more trouble no matter where they go. If they dare to return to DC, they will share the fate of the AmeriKKKan Renaissance Conference, a suit-and-tie Nazi convention driven out of town after progressive activists managed to shut them out of literally every last hotel in a 50 mile radius of DC.

“Mindweapon in Ragnorak,” Ragnorak will come soon enough for all Nazis and racists, and you know the outcome of THAT battle!


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