Activist assaulted by police after two enter racist NPI convention

On the morning of October 27, Nazis and Klansmen began their National Policy Institute convention inside the Federal government-owned Ronald Reagan Building. Two anti-racist activists managed to slip in with them, one was assaulted by police.

Video of Federal Protective Services/DHS cops at NPI just before assault


In the short video clip her cellphone captured just before the assault, the police involved appear to be Federal Protective Services, based on the “Police DHS” lettering on their uniforms. In the process of demanding activsts leave and stop shouting down the Nazis and Klan members, they twisted one activist’s arm in a pain compliance hold. Since this was behind her back, her phone could not capture it.

While it is not uncommon for Homeland Security in any form to brutalize people, it does raise several interesting questions:

1: Why is a racist organization dominated by Nazis and Klansmen,those who have historically killed people of color, permitted to meet in a Federal building? Why are terrorists welcome in this building, even if it is named after Ronald Reagan?

2: Why are the Federal Protective Services and not private security guards protecting a private event held by racists in
this building?

3: Why are African-American cops willing to use force on anyone to protect the advocates of lynching people of color?


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