Antifascists invade, search hotel housing NPI Nazis, then catch one in street

On the 25th of October, anti-fascist activists received intelligence that the suit-and-tie Nazis of the National Policy Institute were staying at the Club Quarters, a hotel near Lafayette Park. Acting on this tip, they were able to enter the hotel and search the 11th thru the 7th floors in an attempt to find their rooms.

Video of hotel search and street confrontation

Ouside the Club Quarters

Ouside the Club Quarters

On the 11th floor

On the 11th floor

NPI had been at a dinner earlier that night and would have been easy to find there, but the intel arrived too late for a raid on their posh meal. Activists were tipped that the Nazis were on the 11th floor, but unfortunately the intelligence lacked room numbers.

The Nazis left no evidence of which rooms they were in, and by the time activists reached the 11th floor all of them were either in their rooms behind locked doors or holed up individually elsewhere in the building. A search of the top five floors did not find their rooms but was undoubtedly heard from the inside. There was no time to search the lowest floors and the ballrooms before the cops arrived and everyone had to bail out.

It was in the street, not long later that activist hit pay dirt. Sam Dixon, former attorney for the Ku Klux Klan and now with NPI came out of the hotel, only to be confronted in the street by activists.

Other prominent NPI figures are connected to similar institutions like the American Renaissance Conference, another suit and tie Nazi event that was run out of the DC area by protesters

More background on NPI from an email alert that this would happen sometime on the October 25-27 weekend:

NPI is listed as a hate group via The Southern Poverty Law Center.

The National Policy Institute’s mission statement says it aims “to elevate the consciousness of whites, ensure there biological and cultural continuity, and protect there civil rights.”

SPLC goes on to say that “The institute has published two studies: a critique of affirmative action, which the institute opposes; and “Mass Deportation is a Viable Solution to America’s Illegal Immigration Crisis,” written by Edwin Rubenstein. Who happens to be affiliated with VDARE which is an anti-immigration hate organization “dedicated to preserving our historical unity as Americans into the 21st Century.”


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