Protesters occupy rotunda outside Canadian Embassy in solidarity with Mi’kmaq fracking blockade

On the 17th of October, the RCMP launched a surprise attack on the Mi’kmaq blockade of a shale gas fracking project in New Brunswick, Canada. Up to 700 cops were involved, rubber bullets and pepper spray were traded for possible molotov cocktails and 6 or 7 burned cop cars. Here in DC, protesters from a variety of groups showed up at the Canadian Embassy.

Video of the Canadian Embassy solidarity action



It took a couple hours to assemble a group of protesters on essentially zero notice. When enough had assembled, the whole group entered Canadian territory by climbing the stairs to the embassy’s outdoor rotunda.

The Embassy security backed off of attempting to deal with protesters and summoned Secret Service, who demanded protesters leave or be arrested. With the message sent that activists in DC support the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society and others against the RCMP, protesters disengaged-for now. It wasn’t a big protest, but it’s not the last solidarity protest here either.

Update: RCMP reported to fire live ammunition, more and more Indigeous groups sending fighters. Lakota warriors with AIM reported to be en route, Mohawk Warrior Society stands in solidarity with the blockades.

Despite the violence, the blockades are holding. The last update posted to the Earth First Journal Newswire states the RCMP pulled back late on 10-17 as the blockades spread. Other reports indicate about 40 arrests, there was an earlier report of one man hit by a live rifle bullet but I can find no confirmation. Yes, the “fog of war” has been a factor in covering this

DC Update: On FRIDAY, the 18th of October there will be another solidarity protest, 5PM at Columbus Circle near Union Station.


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