Multiple anti-TPP banners dropped from US Trade Rep office, no arrests

On the 23ed of September, after two days of preparation, a team of activists opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade talks dropped multiple banners condemning the classified trade deal from the office of the United States Trade representative.

Video: The scene at USTR as banners on their own building condemned the TPP trade talks




The entire banner hang team was camouflaged in construction overalls and hard hats, as the entry route was the scaffolding on the north side of the building. The banners arrived in cardboard boxes of the type commonly used to deliver some kinds of hardware and similar items everywhere.

I was informed that the negotiations for the TPP are probably being carried out inside the USTR building. If so, that means the negotiators had the banners dropped from their own building!

Police declined to make arrests and permitted the team to stay on site a few minutes, then pack up and leave. It is not known for sure if this was because someone spotted the blockading devices activists had brought for such an event, or because of the political risk of civil disobediance arrests at the building being used for the TPP talks.


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