Protest and street theater at USTR against Trans-Pacific Partnership

On the 20th of September, anti-corporate activists showed up at the US Trade Representative’s offices, protesting the “secret” meetings going on this weekend to negotiate yet another NAFTA style trade treaty.

VIDEO: Money Wars” Star-Wars themed anti-TPP street theater in front of USTR




In the first of what will be a series of protests against the TPP, the anti-TPP “Money Wars” street theater crew from Occupy Wall Street staged an event as the culmination of this protest, featuring “Emperor Pipeline,” his sevant Barrack Obama (who can’;t juggle jobs, peace, and truth) and the toilet-roll shaped “TPP Death Star.” A squad of money troopers stood at the ready for any surprises. A favorite chant was “Flush the TPP,” a play on the name of a treaty that really ought to be hung on a roll next to the toliet.

The Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP is a truly “fracked” deal. It is so bad that the negotiations have bogged down as some countries refused to accept some of the worst provisions.

The TPP will also “TP,” hell it will “KO” local control over things like gas fracking and coal export terminals. In Maryland, if the TPP passes, any attempts to stop exports of fracked gas from the old Cove Point import terminal become illegal. Not only that, anything which raises the cost of getting gas to Cove Point for export could also become illegal. That would include any permanent legislation to ban gas fracking in MD or anywhere else. That’s just ONE problem with a terrible deal, in just ONE place!

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