Code Pink protests Obomba’s “War Later” speech on Syria

On the 10th of September, Obomba had a little problem: Congress was overwhelmingly against war in Syria, and Russia had a competing proposal for Syria to dispose of their chemical weapons under Russian or international supervision. When he gave his speech asking Congress to delay the war vote, Code Pink was outside airing his speech over a sound system.

Video focussing on the cops/generator issue



It wasn’t easy to do that. It was received by radio and rebroadcast over the small PA. Originally the video was to be shown on a giant screen, but the Park Police went NUTS when they saw the generator, threatened the delivery crew when they did not have “valid ID”,and even said a car battery would not be tolerated either.

It would take a lot of car batteries to run a projector anyway, so the movie style screening was scrapped. Probably this was arranged for political reasons rather than any kind of public safety concern. Still, it would have been really funny to bring in a junked 400 pound generator, abandon it to the cops, and let them all wrench their backs trying to move it.

As the audio broadcast aired, boos and catcalls greeted some of Obombas more bellicose statements, along with his attempts to take credit for Russia’s counterproposal. As usual, Obomba was citing Syrian use of chemical weapons as grounds for war and being the world’s cops. This while ignoring depleted uranium, white phosphorus, Agent Orange,and all the other WMD that have been used and are still used by the United States.

Had the war vote not been put on hold, Obama’s proposed resolutio authorizing use of force would have gone down to overwhelming defeat. There is still worry about talk by some of the pro-war Congressmen of a alternate resolution that would be an ultimatum of war with a 45 day deadline. As you recall, that’s how both Iraq wars were started. In 2003, Saddam was given a deadline to cough up his alleged WMD, none were produced, and the US invaded. No chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons were ever found, to the eternal shame of George W Bush. Now some in Congress want to repeat that?

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