Hunger striking activist submits to force-feeding in solidarity with Gitmo and Pelican Bay detainees

On the 6th of September, antiwar activist Andrés Thomas Conteris (who has been on hunger strike for nearly two MONTHS) took solidarity with victims of forced feeding at Guantanimo Bay and California’s Pelican Bay hellhole to a new level. In front of the White House he underwent this horrific and painful procedure himself.

What Guantanimo Bay and Pelican Bay have in common is the use of forced-feeding in an effort to break hunger strikes by detainees. Pelican Bay is a KKKalifornia Supermax where beatings and torture are common, along with decades of solitary confinement. The results of this were the same as it Gitmo: hunger strikes. While the last round of hunger strikes at Pelican Bay came to a negotiated end on the 5th of September, about 40 men are still on hunger strike in Guantanimo Bay.



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