Code Pink protests, disrupts AUVSI drone convention

On the 13th of August, Code Pink both protested and disrupted the AUVSI or Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International convention. This convention is for the makers of the armed killing drones used by the US military, so Code Pink had a few things to say.

Video of the protest and the inside disruption




In the morning, one of Code Pink’s protesters managed to get inside and make a speech, covered
on C-Span. The coverage is near the end of this video:

at around the 47 minute mark.

At noon, protesters some dressed as drones, showed up outside. One of the cardboard drones on a stick was “flown” over attendee on their way inside.

In the convention there had been much talk of using drones for purposes other than war-but the drones being sold to the military are sold at such high prices that only cops using Homeland Security grants, the National Guard, and the military can afford them.

Code Pink explicitly said the objections were to the presence of weapons or of systems used to spy on the public, not the the absence of a pilot. In other words, replacing drones with manned aircraft or with booby traps on the ground is no solution.

Several Code Pink members spoke about their experiences visiting Pakistan, Yemen, and other nations where the US is using drones to kill people of color. One of them reminded everyone of the “eye for an eye” aspect of Pashtun culture in Pakistan. When no restitution is offered for a crime and no justice is forthcoming, it is considered not only a right but a duty to retaliate against the offender. Those who kill children with drones in the FATA ought to think about that!

On top of all else, AUVSI is registered as a CHARITY, as a 501 (c)! Just because they give some money to school science programs can never excuse the conduct of their customers, generals who never grew up and now put guns on their R/C planes.


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