Posters call Tommy Wells and Muriel Bowser coalition for poverty wages

Two of the City Councilmembers who voted against the Large Retailer Accountabiliy Act (LRAA)are Tommy Wells and Muriel Bowser. Now they are being targetted in posters on lamp posts all over DC. There are still plenty of lamp posts for Wal-Mart’s flunkies, and probably plenty of posters to put on them



They voted to allow Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot to pay poverty wages on which people can’t even afford a room to sleep in without working two jobs. If one of the two had voted for the LRAA, that would be enough votes to override any veto from Mayor Gray, who is no doubt being plied with cash by Wal-Mart for a veto.

The text of the fliers reads:

“Meet DC’s Poverty Wage Coalition

Muriel Bowser and Tommy Wells recently voted to bring poverty wage jogs to DC. This is wrong.

Muriel Bowser and Tommy Wells recently voted to bring poverty-wage jobs to D.C.,” the flyer declares. Call them at 202-724-8000 and let then know that we expect more from them.”

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