Hundreds march on White House for Bradley Manning in wake of mixed verdict

On the 30th of June, hundreds gathered in Dupont Circle for a screening of “Collateral Murder,” the video Bradley Manning was convicted of “espionage” for releasing to Wikileaks. After the screening and a few speakers, everyone marched on the White House to demand that Bradley Manning be released instead of being sentenced to prison.

Video highlights of the Bradley Manning verdict protest
Speaker condemns naming counterinsurgency helicopters for oppressed Native people


Speakers emphasized that for Bradley Manning to be convicted on 19 counts (5 for espionage) for blowing the whistle on war criminals who are never prosecuted is a miscarriage of justice. One speaker said Obama and George Zimmerman should be side by side in prison, in both cases for murder.

It was emphasized that the defeat of the “aiding the Enemy” charge is nowhere near enough. One speaker said that wins a battle, but not the war. My guess is that since Bradley Manning aided the US public, a conviction for “aiding the Enemy” would require the US military to declare that they consider the general public or at least the press to be the enemy.

In the Collateral Murder video, the two helicopter gunships have the callsigns “Bushmaster” and “Crazy Horse.” CRAZY HORSE? Crazy Horse fought against the US military to defend his people from genocide. If he had lived today in Iraq, Crazy Horse would have blasted both of those helicopter gunships right out of the sky! So would any of Conchise’s and Geronimo’s Chiricaua Apache warriors who resisted ghe US military and the reservation system for so long and at huge personal cost.

A speaker at the White House compared the naming of US war helicopters after Native American tribes to Germany suddenly deciding to name their warplanes “Gypsy” and “Jew.” Nobody in Germany would be that stupid, but the Americans have no shame in naming the tools of genocide after the victims of previous genocides.

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