Free Bradley Manning protesters disrupt rush hour exit from ft McNair

On the 26th of July, antiwar activists and supporters of Bradley Manning descended on DC’s Ft McNair, operational base of Maj General Jefferey General Buchanan. He is the convening authority of Bradley Manning’s court martial.

Iraqi Citizen speaks at the gates of Ft McNair

Scenes from the rally and marches between the gates

Collateral Murder – Wikileaks – Iraq Video (Youtube)


I’ve been covering Bradley Manning protests since 2010 when I was using a cheap camera. This shit has been going on entirely too long. Brad is being persecuted for blowing the whistle on war crimes. The famous “Collateral Murder” video he is accused of releasing shows a helicopter gunship shelling an unarmed journalist in the streets of Iraq, then pumping more autocannon rounds in the ambulance that tried to save him.

Not suprisingly, the war criminals behind the US’s failed Iraq War like Bradley Manning about as much as the drug cartels like whistleblowers that tell the world which cartel boss order whom to be murdered-and for exactly the same reason!

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