Egyptians and supporters stage reminder rallies at White House

On the 1st and 2nd of July, Egyptians backed by supporters from Occupy DC and area activists staged small “reminder” protests in front of the White House.

1 Min video of “reminder” protest on July 2


There is considerable suspicion that Obama is sending US aid to Morsi, and protesters insist such aid be terminated immediatly-and that Morsi step down.

I do not know if the US is supporting Morsi, but if such support exists it shows a highly hypocritical and inconsistant foreign policy. In some places, mere suspicion of being an Islamist is grounds for being bombed by US drones. Yet. in Egypt a Fundamentalist President from the Muslim Brotherhood is suspected of getting US aid!

Egypt rose up a year and a half ago against military dictatorship. Now Egyptians are fighting against fundamentalism, and on top of all else the military has threatened to intervene. Given that Mubarak was a military dictator, this could be a threat to try to roll back the orginal overthrow of dictatorship outright.

On the 2nd of June at least 16 protesters were killed in Egypt, presumably either by government forces or pro-Morsi counterprotesters.

Here in DC, protesters plan to return to the White House at 9AM on July 3.


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