Capitol Police harass protest against NSA PRISM spying

On the 14th of June, area activists staged a protest near Upper Senate Park against the NSA’s “PRISM” spy program against the general public and in solidarity with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Capitol Police were unusually aggressive about trying to intimidate the protesters into silence. They failed.

Video clips of the protest and police harassment




First, the cops harassed videographers from the international media for using tripods. This was a foolish and illegal act by the police in and of itself. Next, they issued two warnings that the protesters on the street corner were “protesting without a permit.” They did this even though actual arrests would expose them to a judgement from the same Federal courts that forced the DC Cops to pay out the Becker and Pershing Park settlements.

In response to the treats, protesters moved to the center of Upper Senate Park, only to be told the second warning was still valid! Fed up, organizers called the cops on their bluff, continuing the rally. After a Texas state representative spoke out against drones and Federal surveillance and terror at home and abroad, the police threats vanished.

The cops basically have served notice to protesters as well as to Edward Snowden: this entire fight will be with no quarter asked and no quarter given.OK, we can see to it that that means “no quarter asked and no quarter given on either side!” Mr Snowden has already begun that process by escaping from the United Snakes and seeking asylum somewhere the US and its mercenaries can’t touch him.

Organizers of the protest included Defending Dissent Foundation, Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition, CODEPINK, Washington Peace Center, and Bill of Rights Defense Committee.


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