Too many corporate booths, even DHS/FBI/CIA, at Pride Festival

The Pride Festival on the 9th of June had many inappropriate participants, including the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security (!) as well as Lockheed Martin and Wells Fargo.

Video clips from the Pride Festival



Wells Fargo's presence was guarded by two bank guards

Wells Fargo’s presence was guarded by two bank guards

The Wells Fargo display had two bank security guards ln duty, no doubt because they have now been confronted twice at Pride by protesters. Wells Fargo is especially inappropriate due to the mistreatment of transgender prisoners in private porsions owned by the GEO Group. The largest investor in the GEO Group is Wells Fargo. In other words, transgender sex workers could be sent to and abused in a Wells Fargo-owned prison, yet Wells Fargo is allowed to participate in Pride!

On the other hand, the scantily clad young men who for generations were the symbol of Pride parades were present, though not in large numbers. I removed my own shirt to contribute to that atmosphere.

THIS is what Pride is about!

THIS is what Pride is about!


The first mention of Stonewall I saw was at the end of the parade opposite where I entered, where the Stonewall (something) athletic group had a booth. Pride is our 4th of July, intended to celebrate the defeat of an attempt by NYC cops to raid a Gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, on June 28, 1969. In the three days of fighting that followed, first the BATF and NYC Vice Squad, than the “TPF” NYC riot squad were clobbered under furious counterattack by first hundreds, then thousands of young “street queens.” They got little to no support from organized groups of that time, just as transgender and traditional GLBT culture activists get little to no suppport from groups like the HRC today.


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