Code Pink holds solidarity vigil for hunger strikers at GITMO

Guantanimo Bay: The very name rings with the cries of the tortured. Now, with Obama going into his 5th year of ignoring his promise to close it, over half the detainees are on hunger strike, some of them being force-fed. On the 5th of May, Code Pink held a vigil in front of the White House, including a hunger striker of their own in solidarity.

1 min short video



Many are now undergoing 24 hour solidarity fasts in public places, but one of the Code Pink activists had a sign announcing Day 6 of her hunger strike in solidarity with the Gitmo hunger strikers.

Conditions at Guantanimo Bay are deteriorating fast. On the 23ed of April, US troops attacked the detainees en masse, forcing them back to individual cells from communal living. This was a failed attempt to break the will of the hunger strikers. It failed, and the hunger strike has now grown to well over half the detainees.


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