Familes of Muslims “pre-emptively prosecuted” by FBI or otherwise disappeared speak out

On the 3ed of March, famililes of Muslims entrapped by the FBI, railroaded for charity work, or otherwise unjustly imprisoned by the US spoke out in front of the so-called Department of “Justice.”

Video Highlights note: start to finish clips on file in encrypted storage




Familes of those entrapped by the US are taking a page from the familes of the disappeared in Argentina, where family members of those taken by the former military regime have been instrumental in demanding justice

Much of the day’s emphasis was on the horrors wrought by the deliberate use of a strategy of “pre-emptive prosecution” where the FBI seeks to put people in jail just in case they later decide to do something. This is clearly the objective when undercover provocateurs are used in an effort to get people to agree to carry out acts they otherwise would not. Don’t EVER think this is only for Muslims like the Fort Dix 5. The Cleveland anarchist/bridge case and the people antrapped by Anna are examples of the use of the same strategy against anarchists, animal and Earth liberation activists.

Others were imprisoned on outright false charges for running charities like the Holy Land Foundation that provided food to hungry people, and some seemingly just for being Muslim. This truly is a witch-hunt, with Muslims as the “heretics of the day” for not one but two crusading American presidents.


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