Hilton, St Regis stormed as protesters target IMF delegate hotels

On the evening of the 20th of April, protesters against the three-headed dragon of the IMF, World Bank, and G20 hit the streets for a night of raiding.

Protesters suceeded in entering the Capitol Hilton and the St Regis, both housing delegates to the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings. Three attempts to get into the Mayflower failed, due to heavy police presence that expected attack.
video featuring Hitlon and St Regis stormings, Hilton storming seen from outside hosted on Liveleak

Youtube video of nighttime Dragon March, with very good footage of the storming of the Capitol Hilton

Storming the Hilton

Storming the Hilton

The 3 headed dragon outside the Capitol Hilton

The 3 headed dragon outside the Capitol Hilton

Leading elements charge the St Regis, staying ahead of a bike cop and getting there first

Leading elements charge the St Regis, staying ahead of a bike cop and getting there first

The Hilton was up first, just a few blocks from where protesters set out from Lafayette Park. There was an effort to get the 3-headed dragon inside, but it did not fit through the doors and the heads had to be hurredly withdrawn so they would not be captured.

The entry into the St Regis was assisted by the distraction provided by a major fire department response to an unknown incident. Protesters rapidly cleared K Street three times to make way for the fire trucks-and the third street clearing morphed into a charge at the St Regis by leading elements of the protest. The charge even managed to outrun a bike cop possibly due to confined quarters up close. There were more fire trucks on 16th st, so protesters didn’t stay long and were careful to avoid getting in the way of the Fire Department’s response. Whatever was going on appeared to be on the other side of 16th st.

After that incident, everyone marched to the IMF for a short rally, and then back around for the third attempt to storm the Mayflower. There were fewer cops that time, but again the charge was expected. The back doors, target of an earlier charge, turned out to have been locked, possibly due to the approach of protesters, possibly at all times, I don’t know.

In the entire night I did not see or hear of any arrests, it seems that Occupy has suceeded in “normalizing” the notion that protesters storm buildings. In previous rounds of IMF protests, especially Spring 2010, a considerable amount of police violence and targeted arrests of leaders stemmed from similar actions.


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