Animal rights delegation calls out API for animal tests at HLS

For 20 days there has been a hunger strike against the American Petroleum Institute (API) over the Keystone XL and other fossil fuels that threaten the climate. Turns out API is also a customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences or HLS.

Video of delegation reading out complaint against API


Prior API contracts at HLS have involved force-feeding known toxic petroleum products to pregnant rats. We all know gasoline can kill you if you drink it, yet pregnant rats have been forced to do exactly that at HLS for API’s curiosity.

In the wake of recent spills of “dilbit” or tar sands tar diluted with unknown solvents, there is the real danger that API will send new contracts to HLS to repeat any vivisection done with crude oil using dilbit or “diluted bitumen” from the Alberta Tar Sands.

API could get the exact same information by interviewing workers cleaning up Exxon’s recent tar sands pipeline, and by paying for medical examinations of affected people.

Oh well, I guess killing puppies(or in this case, pregnant rats) comes cheap to API, given their willingness to be an accessory to murdering PEOPLE along the route of the Keystone XL and around the Alberta Tar Sands mines, for which they are one of the biggest lobbyists. Murder? oh yeah-what else do you call knowingly creating an epidemic of cancer and birth defects among members of at least 14 First Nations tribes that live near the tar sands mines.


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